Did you know the whole concept of Pokemon is inspired by a popular activity in Japan, bug catching?! Collecting virtual Pokemon is much more appealing, in my opinion…. But regardless, people love it! The original cast of Pokemon started with 151 characters, but the official catalog has now grown to include 720! The 90’s were Pokemon's prime, a pop culture phase they call “Pokemania”. There was Pokemon inspired arcade games like pinball, merchandise, playing cards, tv shows, and even movies! 

The good news for all the 90’s kids who dreamed of living the Pokemon game in real life, is that you can now! Well, almost. Have you seen clusters of people gathering, and walking up and down the streets? Do you see teens running around town with their phones held up high, and spirits higher?


They’re actually catching Pokemon! Using their phones to navigate and hunt down pokemon characters, they’re basically living in a Pokemon reality. This is all thanks to the new app, Pokemon Go! The concept is simple. Through the app, you look through your camera with magical pokemon powers. Powers that show which Pokemon are actually hidden within your own neighborhood! Maybe even your own yard. The app only includes the original 151 characters, but don’t let that trick you into thinking the game is boring! 

Now you don’t need to be a long time Pokemon fan to enjoy this game. All you need is a google account and smart phone! Basically you use Google maps to guide your adventure, and your avatar moves around as you do. The “items” you pick up on your adventures are kept in your backpack, and you have a deck of cards that represent the Pokemon you have already caught, along with information about each one.This is your Pokedex.  As you walk around, make sure your eyes aren’t stuck to your phone! The app was made for you to walk around safely, your phone can stay at your side or in your pocket. If you have your sound on, you will hear a special alert telling you of a Pokemon in your radius. If your phone is on silent, it will vibrate. Keep your eyes on the prize by keeping your eyes on your surroundings. 

Photo found on HypeBeast

Here are some tips for beginners:

  1. Take Public Transportation. The perfect way to save gas, get out of the house, and they tend to be full of pokemon ready to catch.

  2. Visit Historical Landmarks. Often full of tourists and other player, visiting a landmark or museum could be an exciting way to get a good history lesson and a rare pokemon. 

  3. Catch the Pokemon before it gets too difficult! The color of the circle that appears when you battle a pokemon will show you how hard it is to catch the selected pokemon. Green is the easiest, which progresses to orange, and finishes with red, the most difficult. 

  4. Explore! Staying in one area is a recipe for boredom and an empty pokedex.

  5. Go with your friends! Despite being a game you’re playing on your phone, this is a fun way to bond and get out with friends! Plus it’s a free way to have fun. Sounds good to us! 

Check out this super helpful Google Map for more. They have a great list of Pokemon areas, destinations, and more organized by city. 

We’re just happy we’ve found an addicting app that keeps us on our feet! Who would’ve thought a screen could get us OFF the couch?!