It’s no coincidence we talked about gaming last week, because this week Salt Lake GAMING Con is happening. Remember when we told you about Salt Lake Comic Con? Salt Lake Gaming Con is the same idea, but for gamers! Before you read on, just know that this convention is the sixth biggest gaming convention in the country. So yes, this is worth it! In the first year alone, they had 15,000 loyal gamers in three days! 

So what classifies someone as a gamer? 

Let’s start with board gamers. If you don’t enjoy a good board game, you must be have never experienced a game of CandyLand with my Grandpa. My old man takes it very seriously. But honestly, board games are the best. Did you know there is a whole world of board games most people don’t even know about? If you simply take a trip to a specialized board game store, you’ll find a huge selection of new and exciting games that are sure to bring variety to family game night. (Check out Game Night Games out at 2148 south and 900 east in Salt Lake City if you need some inspiration.We love to shop there!) Whether you’re a newbie game board lover, or a master game board collector, you should definitely attend. Why? Maybe because there will be over 700 board games of all types and skill levels to play for FREE! Come make friends and find new games!

For our tournament gamers, there will over 40 different events! Whether you play on a console on a gaming system like Xbox or Playstation, have epic battles on your laptop, or even have card game tournaments with anyone who enters your house, there will be something for you. Gaming Con is also host to regional events such as Fantasy Flight and Wizkids. So if you’re a major competitor, you’ll find plenty of competition at Gaming Con! Another awesome factor? You can make friends  with other Utah gamers to play with in the future!

If you feel like you have gamed the game out of every game out there… don’t let yourself skip out on this event! There will be a ton of new demos and games to test out. You’ll be the first of all your friends to know what’s coming next in the gaming world. OR you could be an awesome friend and bring your gaming crew along, so you’re all in the loop! 

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If you’re a learner, there are some awesome panels that will be going on. If you’re interested in the technical mechanics of games, the creative process, or RPG and game developing, you’ll be in heaven. Or if you just want to hear some behind the scenes from some of the most well known voice over actors, you’ll also be in heaven. As a lover of information, I get butterflies just thinking about having access to all this knowledge!

Side note.. The event promises VIP guests of the industry such as famous actors, the best gamers in the industry, and even professional athletes! 

Cosplay is one of the biggest part of Comic Con, and it’s definitely a huge deal over at Gaming Con too! The creators are big supporters of the passionate members of Utah’s Cosplay scene, so they host programming demos, panels, and all kinds of events and competitions! Come in your best cosplay, you’ll need it!

Things will get REALLY fun at Gaming Con. Have you ever “LARPed”?! Don’t laugh at the name, because it’s really fun. Okay, fine, laugh at the name. But LARP stands for “Live Action Role Play”. It has gained a ton of popularity over the last little while, because it’s super cool! You can totally participate in some LARPing at Gaming Con. And if you thought Twister was fun, imagine playing with 30 people in a giant version of the game! Want to check out an impeccable and realistic haunted house even though it’s June?! You guessed it, that’s all happening at Gaming Con! Plus, they promise some awesome Photo-Ops.

The event is going down June 2nd through the 4th. You can buy tickets here for one day, two days, or all three here. You can also buy an ultimate gamer pass. For only $70, you get an awesome official tee shirt, early admission all three days, a lanyard, and even more surprises! Make sure to check out the Junior Gamers tickets below the regular ones, so you can see the prices for those ages 9-12. (Kids 8 and under are free) 

Keep up with the event on their twitter, facebook, and website. Go here for driving directions to the South Towne Expo Center.

Game on, gamers!