These movies are more informational, interesting, and vintage. Full of grown up subjects and old school film. Perfect for a night with friends, a date, or a spooky night alone. 

-The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari 

This silent German film is said to be one of the first horror films ever made. It stars a crazy hypnotist, Dr. Caligari, who uses the talents of Cesare, a sleepwalker, to commit murderers. But here is the cool part: Dr Caligari represents the German Government during the war, and Cesare acts as soldiers who are trained to obey and kill, and unwillingness to rebel against power. It has undertones that relate to Hitler and the Nazis as well. This film may be silent, but your screams won’t be!

-The Fly

Combining Horror and Science Fiction, this film will scare your pants off while still being interesting. An experiment goes wrong when a fly interrupts a mad scientist’s experiment, and he turns into a hybrid of a human and fly. Things only get worse from there, as the man's body continues to transform. It did amazing in box office, so watch it and see if you’re as impressed as the critics.  


If you haven’t seen this film by now, it’s about time you learn why you should be so scared of going to the beach. Two words: Killer shark. You guessed it, with a huge jaw. Teeth included! The island of Amity needs a hero to kill this monster. This hero is a former police officer who takes his knowledge, bravery, and skills out to sea. Will he save the island? Will you ever be able to go to the beach again? You’ll  have to find out yourself.

-The Nightmare

This film subject is pretty terrifying: sleep paralysis. The sensation of not being able to move, speak, or react while falling asleep or waking up. This is a documentary that shows the sleep paralysis that eight people suffer with. They re enact situations they have endured, describe their experiences, and make you thank the heavens you can sleep peacefully. But will you be able to after this?

-Sweeny Todd

This film is disturbing, terrifying, and full of adult content. Content like murder, cannibalism, and other thievery. Todd acts as a barber, but murders his clients instead of giving them a trim and deep condition. He steals all their expensive possessions, and his partner in crime Mrs. Lovett bakes them into her famous meat pies, which are sold to the fellow members of the town. Delicious, nutritious, and guaranteed to give your nightmares. Possibly some inspiration in the kitchen! (Kidding)


The movies chosen for teens are jumpy, gory, and gruesome. Too scary for the kids, and too much modern day Hollywood for the mature.  

-The Addams Family 

This movie is based on the classic cartoons done by Charles Addams. It may be spooky, but it’s also comedic. You’ll laugh as you realize how much you relate to Wednesday, the teenage girl, and you’ll find yourself wishing you yourself were a part of the Addams family. 

-Would You Rather

When a young woman’s brother is sick, she has to figure out how to pay the bills, fast. When his oncologist offers her a chance for her brothers treatment to be 100% paid for, she jumps at the chance. She must attend a dinner party and win a game of “Would You Rather”. This version of the game is evil, and players must do things they would never dream of. Except all of them are desperate for money. Watch how the story unfolds….

-Troll Hunter

This dark Norwegian film is full of fantasy, horror, and even adventure. Follow three college students hike to inspect the area for an infamous bear poacher. While interviewing local hunters, they discover that the “bear tracks” in the area don’t look like bear tracks...

-Final Girl

When a group of high school boys come to kill her, Veronica is ready. After her parents died, her caretaker William took her in and trained her to be an assassin in twelve short years. Veronica is proof that blondes aren’t dumb. Watch and see if she can take the boys down! 

-The Uninvited

After Anna’s mother dies in a boathouse fire, she ends up in a mental hospital after attempting to take her own life. When she returns home 10 months later she learns her father is dating the nurse who took care of their dying mother. But Anna and her sister suspect that she killed their mother. After a twisted turn of events, we learn that Anna could be hallucinating the whole time… I’m DYING to spoil the ending, but I'll keep my mouth shut this time! 


Fun movies that are sure to be enjoyed with your favorite halloween candy. Use for your kiddos, when you’re babysitting, or if any of the movies above give you too much of a scare. 

-Corpse Bride

Anything Tim Burton has the perfect mix of spooky and whimsical. Corpse Bride is no exception! Perfect for the older kids, this movie tells the story of Victor and Victoria (and it takes place in the Victorian era) as they try to get married. Victor is kidnapped by a ghost, Emily, who takes him to the land of the dead and tries to marry him herself. She even bribes him by reuniting him with his dead dog. Will Victor and Victoria be reunited?! 

-Scooby Doo! 

If you loved watching the cartoon show, Scooby-Doo as a kid, you’ll love this movie! Real life versions of Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Daphne, Velma, and Fred are brought back together when Shaggy and Scooby-Doo are recruited to solve a mystery on the island. The movies poster says “Be afraid. Be kind of afraid”, which explains the thrill level perfectly. This comedy has some frightening moments, but you’ll be laughing most the time. 

-Little Witch Academia

When Akko Kagari enrolls in Witch School, she is excited. But she doesn’t pay attention in class, she can’t ride her broomstick, and is doubted by many. When the top student in the school accidentally releases a dragon, Akko could be the hero that everyone needs. This movie is all about magical creatures and witches, but will warm your heart. You can never go wrong with an anime movie. My kind of Halloween! 

-Box Trolls:

The boxtrolls are exactly what you’d expect. Little trolls who wear boxes and live underground. The citizens of Cheesebridge above think they are a myth, until an exterminator ventures out to kill the innocent boxtrolls. Boxtrolls emerge at night to collect garbage that they use for their inventions. They have befriended Eggs, a human, who is distraught when he finds trolls have been taken by the exterminator. Eggs is going to need help to save the boxtrolls!  

-Curious George: A Halloween Boo Fest

Everybody's favorite monkey stars in his first Halloween movie. Enjoy the Man in the Yellow Hat and George do all the fall activities. You know chaos will ensue when George is involved!

As you can see, Netflix has a "flick" for everyone! And don't fret if you're an adult planning on watching Corpse Bride this weekend, we won't judge you. Personally, I'll be enjoying Curious George, while my friends are watching Jaws. 

Happy Halloween!