Utah is known for being, well, temperamental. It feels like we sometimes experience all four seasons in one day! 

Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic. BUT we do have days that begin with dark, heavy, rain and then end in sunshine. Sometimes it snows in May, but sometimes we don’t get snow until Christmas morning. Remember winter of 2015, everyone?

We are craving some of that warm weather we’ve gotten a taste of this month. But these next couple of days are looking cloudy. We aren’t supposed to hit those glorious seventies until Saturday. So if you have the urge to stay in this week, it’s totally legitimate.

Do you play Minecraft? A ton of people do, even if a ton of people don’t admit it. Back at my house, we all love to get together once a week and play as a family for a while. On rainy days when we want to relax, we find it to be bonding. Playing together is so much more interactive than watching a movie!

Do you want your child to hang out with a bunch of other kids who love Minecraft? 

Okay that might sound weird but it’s totally not. Super League Gaming wants to bring young Salt Lake gamer's of all ages together. They are hosting a live four week event at Century 16, inviting all Minecraft lovers ages 6-15 to experience the game together. Video games have a bad rep for being isolating. You MIGHT imagine teenagers with dead brains and adults without jobs, playing for hours in their parents basement. But here at this gathering, they want you to INTERACT with your fellow players! 

A new Minecraft Adventure called “Rise of Heroes” has been created just for this experience. It’s 90 minutes long, with an awesome superhero theme. Users must bring their own personal laptops (sorry, tablets are iPads are not compatible with the software) with Microsoft 1.9.2 up to date and can wirelessly join the network with all the other players in the theater and play together. You’re teamed up with 4-7 players who are in your age group, and you’re also provided all the tech support, aka help from the Action Squad, to set up the game! You’ll even get a free t shirt just for playing, and the winning team with the most earned points gets to split college scholarship money!

Want your kid to have some encouragement and support?! Friends and family can come cheer you on in the theater for free! But no matter what, they’ll get support and encouragement from their fellow players.

Check out their website here, tickets are $20. This Wednesday is your last chance to play!

Don’t forget to send your child with a computer mouse, and a charged laptop. Oh, and smile! Here’s an inside, video game experience, that will actually be social and beneficial for your child! Sit back, relax, and cheer them on!