Pantone named it the color of the year, and we're rolling with it! It's the color of nature and freshness, which is exactly what you need when starting a new year. Whether you choose a lighter shade or a dark jewel tone, green is sure to enhance and brighten your home. We love it drastically as a wall color, big piece of furniture, or just some simple accessories!

We love these green chairs that create dimension in this space with it's perfect shade of green. They're bold and exciting, but the space isn't too crazy. Design by Nate Berkus

We love how this kitchen committed to the green theme. It's light and refreshing, unlike any kitchen we've seen before. Photo from Country Living


Visual interest, dimension, and whim. Everything we like to see in a well designed space. Create texture instantly by decorating with velvet, fun patterns, and natural elements like marble and woven pieces. 

This space is full of texture! From a patterned rug to the natural prints and design son the pillows, to the woven baskets. Don't miss those killer mercury finished lamps to polish the look off. Design by Studio McGee

Another exciting room full of texture! That couch has our hearts forever, and the sparkly photograph and abstract art only enhances it. Design by Sandra Benhamou

Statement Lighting

Light up the room in more ways than one by decorating with statement lighting. They don't have to be large and extravagant to make a statement. We could scour Pinterest for hours finding endless inspiration.  

This light is so unique and really draws the eye in, but it's also versatile and  simple. Something like this will work with your changing styles for years to come without getting old.  Photo by Bethany Nauert

We love metallics, but how refreshing is this black light?  It has simple gold details that pop against the dark, and it makes a perfect statement in the room.  Design by Nam Dang-Mitchell

Patterned Backsplash

An easy update for any kitchen- patterned backsplash! It brings personality and an element of fun. This trend will instantly update the kitchen as your already existing accessories and furniture will only be enhanced with the addition of pattern. This works in a neutral kitchen or one already full of pattern and color! Don't be afraid to have some fun. 

This space is classy and sophisticated, and the patterned backsplash really adds some character. Design by Lilly Bunn Weekes

Here is proof that decorating with dark colors doesn't ruin a bright room. the backsplash is so lively! Design by Emily Henderson

Colors pop beautifully against this elongated hexagonal tile. A neutral room with fun pops of color! Design by Heath Ceramics