Not all of us are on the ball when it comes to holidays. I am both a procrastinator and a lover of holidays. I love to go all out, but I don’t figure out the details until the day before. If you’re like me, enjoy my roundup of last minute Valentine’s ideas! Just because you’re a slacker, doesn’t mean your holiday has to be boring.


Movie tickets and shows are all sold out, but a movie is always a good idea on Valentine's Day! Use your Netflix subscription to your advantage and have a movie night in! As much as we love the movie streaming service, it’s got some options on there that aren’t worth watching. Here are some tried and tested romantic flicks that you’re sure to enjoy. 

With Your Date: Lovesick

This witty British comedy shares the flashbacks of romantic encounters the main character experiences with his best friends at his side. It’s hilarious and wonky, sure to keep you hooked. It’s great to start with a significant other, friend, or roommate because it’s a show you can keep up with together. It can be really sweet too, it’s sure to warm your heart. 

With Your Family: Penelope

Watch as a sweet girl is born with a pig nose and forced to live a life of loneliness and boredom,  terrifying every male suitor who enters her home. After an epic escape, Penelope shows your parents she deserves a life outside her home, and she might even find love on her own. This movie is heartwarming and hilarious, and perfect for all ages. 

With Your Friends: How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days

This rom-com is perfect to watch with your friends. It’s funny and relatable for any woman or man who’s found themselves developing feelings for someone on accident. It’s got the perfect amount of drama and comedy.


Personal Coupon Book

A last minute gift that requires no effort, is free, and is still thoughtful? Done and done! All you need is a printer. Think of all the things your Valentine loves, and gift it to them in coupon form! Simply print them out and think about the acts of service your Valentine would appreciate. Homemade Gifts Blog has some great options downloadable options here, and Savings Lifestyle has a great one here

We love this one by SC Johnson! Download the full page here

Personalized Mugs

Too late to get a spot at Color Me Mine? Create your own studio by simply buying a blank mug and getting your favorite color Sharpies. Creative activities are the best when you don’t take yourself too seriously, and just have fun. You could even decorate coordinating mugs! The instructions are pretty simple, but read more from the “A Beautiful Mess” blog  here. This site is full of fun ideas and recipes you could use for Valentine’s Day, so make sure to browse around. 

Lush Handmade Cosmetics

Have you been to Lush before? It’s the store with smiling employees and amazing smells coming out of it. This body shop meets cosmetics company creates all sorts of all natural organic body products that really make you feel special. From lip scrubs to body wash, every product is luxurious. They’ve got creative and witty names, and they make products you would never think of. A perfect gift right? We highly recommend their signature product, a bath bomb, a ball of soap and other organic treats that bring color and excitement when dropped into a bathtub. Check Lush out at City Creek or Fashion Place Mall.

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Dinner: Fancy Ramen

We all have a back-up supply of instant ramen noodles, right? They’re easy, and let’s be honest, pretty satisfying. Impress your Valentine by making Japanese style ramen with all the fixings. 

Drinks: Raspberry Mojitos

Fancy drinks can be made at home too! These easy raspberry mojitos are perfect.

Dessert: 3 Ingredient Treats 

Dessert is the part we all came for. As much as we love a restaurant style dessert, sometimes you just need something fresh and easy. Here’s some recipes that only require 3 ingredients or less, and don’t require too much effort.