Sundance kicks off today, and we couldn’t be more excited. The home base for Sundance film festival is Park City, but did you know you can also see shows and participate in events in  Salt Lake and Sundance Resort in Provo. 

Let’s cut to the chase. Tickets! You can get in line to buy them here. Day of and waiting list tickets available! 

If you’re a performer, artist, or storyteller you can participate in programs and workshops that will give you the space and guidance to share your story with the world. There’s a strong supportive community of over 5,000 that will be in attendance, so it’s sure to be a fantastic experience. More information here.

Experience Sundance at it’s finest by dining at some of the best places in Park City! We’ll start with Java Cow Bakery on Main Street, because you can start your day here. With killer coffee, crepes, and other goods to enjoy. They also offer treats like hot chocolate, and their famous ice cream with freshly baked waffle cones. Don’t miss the photo opportunity located on the side of the building. Famous international street artist Banksy left some art for us to admire. He’s known for his thought provoking spray paint art, and It’s protected, but very visible, you can’t miss it! 

Are you unable to attend the film festival? Don’t miss out on the amazing films, and stream them from home here

Photo from yelp

We also recommend Zoom, a restaurant opened by actor Robert Redford in 1995. It’s got a variety of hearty american cuisine and all ingredients are locally sourced and freshly made. 

If you’re looking for something different than hearty american, you should definitely give Yuki Yama Sushi a visit. With fresh fish delivered from the east and west coasts, you can count on something delicious. Their menu is a contemporary mix of Korean and Japanese cuisine served in an open style that encourages sharing at the table. 

Stay tuned for update on the most popular movies, celebrities to spot, etc.

Cover Photo by Steve Griffin for The Salt Lake Tribune