It's finally warm in the 801, and we couldn't be more excited. We just want to get outside and enjoy the sunshine!

You must have memories of enjoying a good ball game as a kid. Can you imagine the days when we attended sporting events and people didn’t spend the whole time glued to their phones?

Ah, those were the days.

The perfect way to force your family and friends to enjoy the game of baseball instead of a game of candy crush, is to make things FUN! (We also recommend you get everybody a giant bag of peanuts and cracker jacks to share. Oh, and hot dogs! And an ice cold coca-cola. You have to have the good old fashioned ballgame essentials.)

This Friday, May 6th the Salt Lake Bees are making things fun. They want all of the guests who attend the game to be dressed as a pirate captain! Sure, Halloween is months away....... But that means you can probably get your costume on sale. Yay!

By the way, if you don’t dress up as a pirate, you walk the plank ;)

pirate inspiration found here

Now besides embarrassing your best friend, teenage daughter, or maybe your spouse, there’s another reason you should participate in this. 

The Bees will be posting pictures of participating pirates on their instagram. The participant with the most instagram likes on their page wins an abandoned ship, with a trunk full of gold! Straight out of “The Goonies” movie!

Just kidding, the grand prize is $200. But hey, that’s still pretty awesome!

With tickets starting at only $9, who care’s if you don’t win the money? You’re bound to have a good time, matey! Arrrg. 

Buy tickets here.

photo from salt lake tribune