I've been watching with much anticipation at the demolition of the old car wash on the northwest corner of 2100 south and 1300 east! This is the entry to Sugar House for most people even though the heart of the hood is 1100 east and 2100 south. I was thinking of all the great things that could be coming to the section of the neighborhood, a nice restaurant, cool local market, art space a nice building that could host them all! This morning as I drove past on my way to work there was a sign up on the fence the said "Coming Soon" a CVS Pharmacy.... my heart sank. An ugly CVS Pharmacy building with a big parking lot. 

So this main entry to Sugar House has on the new corner a CVS Pharmacy, on the other corners a fast food KFC, a Sizzler and the finally a Chevron. Nice job Sugar House Community Council, our neighborhood has lost most of it's charm. 

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